Gold Membership | £100 Per Month

Seven Days 7.00am - 8.00pm | Providing unlimited use of the facilties, our Gold Membership is ideal for those who prefer daily access & extended hours. Gold Members receive priority bookings, free demo entrance with preferential seating & reduced rate luxury horsebox hire. Gold Membership is limited to thirty five & applications are processed by date. To register your interest in Gold Membership, please complete the form below & we will respond to you as soon as possible.


Membership Conditions |

Rockrose is dedicated to providing a world class equestrian venue for competitions which we anticipate will occur twice per month. During competitions all arenas will be unavailable between 9:00am & 6:00pm. In addition to encouraging our members who wish to compete, Rockrose is developing a regular calendar of demo's & clinics by internationally acclaimed riders & trainers to which Gold Members recieve priority access.

Gold Membership |

Gold Membership inc. reduced rate Rockrose lorry hire.

Rockrose Livery | >>> view livery website

Rockrose includes Gold Membership as part of our Full Livery Package, please see our Livery site for more information, download an application or with any other stabling enquiry & we'll be pleased to help. Livery numbers are limited to thirty-five & a waitlist may apply.

Gold Membership |

  • Indoor & outdoor arena use
  • Arena area booking for exclusive lesson use
  • Use of grass gallops & schooling arena
  • Use of cross country schooling area subject to booking
  • Use of training jumps & equipment
  • Use of bit bank & therapy equipment as available
  • Reduced rate horsebox hire as available
  • Invitation to events with preferential seating
  • Priority booking for clinics & free entry to demonstrations
  • Free access to course material (inc videos) from demontrations
  • Discounts from approved partners