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As winter rolls in, we are conscious the indoor arena will become more and more popular, so we have put together a calendar of "what's on when" to let you plan your visits more effectively. We will update this monthly and you can find below. We also need to look at how we split the arena use between our dressage riders and those who prefer to jump, so to keep things fair, for half of the month the indoor will be cleared for dressage and the jumps will be outside, for the other half it will be the opposite way round. Hopefully this will let everyone get stuck into their winter training and keep dry most of the time!

Arena Calender December 2018 | Click here to open

One final quick reminder about poo picking!! It really is one of our few few golden rules, as poo (and pee, though hard to do much about if they have to go!!) is the main cause of surface degradation and blocked drains. Please, please lift it, ideally during your ride or immediately after you finish (before leaving arena). If at all possible, please halt your horse when he poos, and do not ride over poos which are in the arena. If you do arrive at the arena and find any poos which haven't been lifted, we would be extremely grateful if you could lift them before you ride. We will however have the poo police out keeping an eye out for offenders as this really is an important one to maintain the quality of the surface for all of us. Happy training, the winter season of events is already upon us!!

Rockrose Equestrian Sports | Members Club

Rockrose Lounge

By joining Rockrose our Club Members are provided with a world class, purpose built training facility & supportive learning environment. By offering several membership options, we are able to tailor our training programs & coaching levels to suit the requirements of each horse & rider partnership.

Club Membership | Benefits

Benefits vary depending on Membership Option
  • Resident coaches with holistic understanding of the Rockrose programme
  • Demos & Training from internationally acclaimed trainers
  • Clinics to understand how to put that knowledge into practice
  • Use of facilities in line with membership type
  • Priority invitations to events, offers & approved partner discounts
  • Sponsorship for research into emergent thinking
  • Supportive & constructive environment for finding solutions, improving & celebrating improvement in performance

Club Membership | Options & Applications

Gold | £100 pm >> view membership

Silver | £60 pm >> view membership

Bronze | £10 pm >> view membership

Rockrose Livery | >>> view livery website

Rockrose Livery includes Gold Membership as part of our Full Livery Package.

Rockrose Lounge Rockrose Lounge Rockrose Lounge Rockrose Kitchen

Membership | Team RR Image

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Member Facilities | In Development

  • FEI Size Indoor Arena
  • 60m x 40m Outdoor Arena
  • 50m x 70m Grass Arena
  • FEI Standard Showjump Set
  • BSJA Approved Training Set
  • Mobile Flag XC Jumps
  • Dressage Horse Simulator
  • Training Mirrors
  • Video Analysis Technology
  • Body Mapping Technology
  • Grass Gallops & Fittening Areas
  • Lecture Facilities (inc Video Conferencing)
  • Equestrian Library

Membership | Sample Cards

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